my babies

my babies

Monday, September 28, 2015

Catching up!

Whew!!  I have been super-de-duperdy busy as of late!!  Between work, two weddings I helped with, helping with grandbabies, helping my parents, first birthday parties, photos and about a bazillion other things!!  Here is what has been going on:

First, I had the honor of directing a wedding of one of my dearest friends son and his new bride.  I do not enjoy directing weddings.....way too out of my comfort zone.  As bossy as I am you would think I would like it but....nope, I don't. But I love Sandra and her son, Matt and his bride, Sarah.  Sometimes we do what we aren't really good at and let things fall into place.  they were pleased and that is all that matters!  I love this young couple.  They are the "real deal".

My "sister" Sandra, Sarah and her mama, Lisa.  I fell in love with Lisa too.  Precious family.

Sarah has kept a journal of each day since she became engaged to Matt.  She has written her heart to him and this was her last entry before she became Mrs. was a surprise to him.  Needless to say Sandra, Lisa and I were a puddle of tears watching this.

Her sweet words

Then, Kyra turned one.  A whole year old!!!  How can that be??  She is just the funniest little girl.  I just love her too pieces.

She is such a little sweetie!

Hey!  I am walking and talking and a whole year old!  Watch out world!

Such a little beauty

In the birthday arena was also, Megan.  She turned 27 years old.  that's my baby and how in the world sis she get to be 27??  She also turned 16 weeks pregnant with my newest grandbaby to be.  We find out in less than 2 weeks what it will be.  I cannot wait!!!

She was over all her sickness....or so we thought.  She woke up Sunday morning sick as a dog but was all smiles for me!

She looks a little green....praying all that passes.  She is so sweet!  I just love her!

I had another wedding I helped with over the weekend.  It was beautiful too.  I didn't take my camera so I didn't get a photo of Rebecca and Zachary.  But she has overcame cancer (twice) and was just a blessing to watch.  God is so good!  Hopefully I will be a better blogger now that y life is slowing up a bit!

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