my babies

my babies

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

15 Weeks!

My sweet Megan is 15 weeks along in her pregnancy.  My little grand baby is now officially a naval orange!  In size, at least.  Megan is finally feeling better and is doing great.  She is really starting to show and is wearing some of her new maternity clothes.  With the exception of when I take her picture!!  She has worn her old cheerleading shorts and a t-shirt every single time.  I told her that she had better start dressing up a little for these pictures or she would really regret it!

See what I mean!!??  excuse my yard too.  My dog has completely destroyed all the mulch I had around my trees by running 90 miles an hour through it at least a 1000 times a day.  In a few short weeks we will know whether or not if we will have a baby girl or a baby boy.  I can't wait to find out!!

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