my babies

my babies

Friday, August 14, 2015

Where I've been and the things I have seen!

Sorry about the MIA for the past several days.  Last week was Vacation Bible School and from past posts I think we know how that goes over with me....VBS = very bad situations.  My kids were voted the worst group this year by the arts and crafts team and the games guys.  Awesome.  I obviously overflow with talents and gifts.  By mid-week we had a lesson about telling our sins to Christ and as an activity we were to place our fingers in a pan that was filled with red dye and place our finger on a large wooden cross and just tell Jesus we were sorry about our sins.  this was very powerful for the children.  There was no pressure or anything and they did not have to confess out loud....just a lesson in being broken and contrite and just sorry over what we do wrong.  I went up there, dipped my finger and placed it on the cross and whispered, "I.m sorry, Jesus, that I hate VBS."  Thirty minutes later I am twitching in both eyes and can't wait until the closing song is sung.  The next day.....four of my kids accepted Jesus into their little hearts.  Humbled, you ask???? Yep.  Do I still hate VBS??  No, but I am too old for some of these shenanigans and need a different job next year for sure.

The rest of the time I have been swimming and playing as much as I can because you what will start in a week and I could just cry my eyes right out!!  We have been getting school supplies ready for a big community day at my church where we will be giving out free clothes, student haircuts and backpacks and school supplies.  I even took a trip to you know where and got a bunch and picked up some things for Megan's science class and for Piper.  She will start kindergarten and I just about can't stand that either.  Speaking of you know where (Wal-Mart for you newbies)  I now have reason number 783 for strongly disliking that place.  When you are filling your cart with stuff that you pay for with your food stamp card and baby supplies that you use your WIC card for and then you gripe about beer and cigarette prices and pitch a fit because you can't buy that selfie stick you been a'wantin!!!!  Well, that is what is wrong with America right there in the good ole Wal-Mart.  I just checked out and walked out and for once  (!) in my life kept my eyes down and my mouth closed. I saw quite a few more sights around the store but I am trying to put them out of my mind.  Just people watching alone is amazing.  I do pick on Wal-Mart but in reality you can see people in action and at their finest just about anywhere you look.  I think I am just going to stay home!

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