my babies

my babies

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The First Day

Today was Piper's very first day in Kindergarten.  Do you hear that sound???  It's me...wailing and thrashing around on the ground.  Where have these years gone???  She was born only eleven days ago....I do not understand any of this!!!  She did fantastic.  I was and am still not a fan of preschools.  I taught my children all the basics and Erica is teaching her children the basics.  Piper knows how to spell several words, the alphabet, counts to 170 +, all the shapes, colors, can stay in the lines and a bazillion other things.  And for the first two years of her life her mommy worked full time.  Her teacher said she did wonderful.  So that was a comfort to me.  She has had lots of socialization through church, library story hour and play groups with friends.  This is a big step though.  Big.  Pray for all the little ones in schools everywhere.  This is a big and mean world.  I pray for a hedge of protection and for wisdom for all my babies.

See??  Doesn't she look too little for school???  Take her home mommy!!

The classroom is way too big for her!!  Pleeeeese take her home mommy!!!

All smiles at lunch!  There are benefits to working in your grandchildrens' school....I have eyes everywhere!!

I am so thankful that I work with a staff of many believers.  Piper's teacher is a Christian and so is the class Assistant Teacher.  Pray for them too.  Teacher's everywhere!

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Tracy said...

Sad and so exciting...Hang in there mimi