my babies

my babies

Monday, August 17, 2015

Nine Months Old!!!

Mr. Brooks is officially nine months old.  What???  Three months away from one year.  Unreal, people....unreal.  I went over to Erica's house to take his monthly photo with Mr. Frog and let's just say Brooks has turned into a wildman.  He is mobile now and staying put is not in his wheelhouse.  Crawling as fast as he can is his goal and he is fixated on that.

Hey Mr. bout a big ole bear hug!!!

Uh...Brooks...this is not a bear hug, man.  You are totally crushing me!

You wanna wrassle buddy??  You wanna???

Yeah!  I do!  Take that?  How you like this move Froggy?

Okay, okay.  I'm done.  I want outta this chair.

Mimi, I will hold him still for you!  Want me to sit on him?

Mimi, make her go away!!  She makes me cry!!

Okay, sweetie.  Just sit still for a second so I can get your picture....can you, Please!!!?

My life is so hard!!!!  I just want down and I want to run and be free!!!

 Is your mini-fit done Brooks?  I mean, come on man...get it together.  It's just a picture.

Brooks, you are such a wonderful, cuddly, sweet boy.  You just grin at us all the time and are such an easy baby.  So laid back.  Your sisters really do love you to pieces and so do the rest of us.....we just don't squeeze you as much!

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