my babies

my babies

Monday, August 31, 2015

Just Peachy

My sweet Megan is officially 13 weeks along in her pregnancy.  Her little one is now the size of a peach.  She is actually starting to get a little tummy!!  I just love it too!  she has always been rail thin so this little bitty pudge is super cute.

I know her sign says 12 weeks but she is really 13....I wrote it out and I am in the throes of menopause so I get to mess up!!

I also took some photos of the two of them that she wanted to place on facebook to announce their pregnancy to their friends.  Couples are so smart about stuff nowadays!  We just told people when we ran into them at the grocery store.  Megan got some ideas off of pinterest.  Needless to say....everything on pinterest is not how it is in real life!!  She wanted a picture of Thad kissing her little bump and her hold a sign that said when they were due.  Sounds all sweet and precious.  these two goofballs are just too funny!

Story of their lives!!  They will make such fun and funny parents!  I can't wait.

But I think we finally got it right!  Aren't they just so sweet!

They really are just the sweetest couple and really will be the best parents!  I just love them!

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