my babies

my babies

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Today my sweet Piper turned five.  5. How can that be???  I just held her when she was first born eight minutes ago!!  Oh my goodness.  Time has just gone so, so fast.  This is what I know about my first grandbaby...

You are so smart!  Every single day you just amaze me with your vocabulary, knowledge and how you want to learn.

You are so sweet!  Sure, you have your moments but overall you are so kind, share so well and don't have a mean or cruel bone in your little body.

You have quite the fanciful eye!!  You love dressing up, fancy dishes, parties, dress-up and shopping!!  You love looking at clothes and shoes.  I have a feeling you are going to love make-up and perfume too.  Oh, and you love jewelry!!

You love church!  I am so glad that you do....this has always been my prayer and desire for you and all my grandbabies.  I pray you come to know the Lord early and that you always desire to come to His house and love His ways.

I love to watch you play.  You are so imaginative and creative.  You love arts and crafts and making things.  You are quite the little engineer too.  Tinker toys are a new fave and you can build most anything.

I don't know how in the world you got to be five so fast but here we are.  You will start school in a few weeks and that begins a whole new stage of life.  I am already crying my eyes out about it too.  Kindergarten is just another step into little girlhood that you are getting ready to tackle.  You are no longer a baby.  Not a toddler.  Not really a preschooler anymore.  But a real live little girl.  Oh, if you could only stay little.  Childhood is so fleeting and you are a grownup for a very long time.  Please, Piper....enjoy being a little girl....being a grownup is not what it is cracked up to be.  I love you more than I could ever tell you or show you.  I pray you know that.    We had a sweet little "Princess Tea Party" on Saturday for you and 5 of your friends.  It was so much fun!  You had a wonderful time and remembered all your "proper young lady" manners we worked on and remembered the rule, "When in doubt...pinky out!"  May you stay as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.

All smiles!!!  Piper was SO excited!

I love little girls!!  They all dressed in their finest Sunday best!

They all did so good!  Not one spilled tea cup nor a broken one either!

All the little girls were so well behaved and had such good manners!

We made butterfly fairy wands and colored teapots and had a ton of stickers, pom-poms and glitter!!

My sweet Erica and her sweet family!  Brooks, don't worry buddy!  We won;t be having none of this girly stuff for your birthdays!

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