my babies

my babies

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What do I expect....

As a believer in Christ I sometimes have unreal expectations.  I tend to think that people on the whole are moral and make sound, decent decisions.  I forget that non-believers don't.  They can't, really.  they are blind to the morality of God and the ways of Him.  They just don't get it.  So as a believer I tend to stay offended and shocked at behaviors of my fellow man.  The approval rate among people in my community of this whole Bruce Jenner mess..."whatever he/she wants...don't matter to me."  What?  Mr. Jenner is wrong in his belief system and so are those that support this decision and those who remain neutral.  God is not neutral.  Last week I am sure that most people saw the video that was released by pro-life reporters of a planned parenthood official out to lunch discussing the sale of baby body parts while she chomped a salad like she was discussing the buying of shoes.  Sickened me and deeply disturbed me.  But then I ask....why?  Because, I tend to expect people to be bothered by the things that break God's heart.  And in reality...they're not.  She could easily talk about buying shoes in the same tone and nonchalant way as she did about selling fetal organs.  As she chewed she discussed how she tries not to crush the skull of a precious life that was knit by the very hands of God.  Life,,,,meant nothing to her.  If I had to bet, I would bet that she gets all up in arms of the mistreatment of cats and dogs.  I don't support that either but we are talking about a human life.  Human.  So as believers why do we expect the immoral to make moral decisions?  I don't know.  I know for me, I just seem to expect people to choose what is right.  And when they don't I get all in a tizzy and passionate and angry and just furious.  In the big scheme of things though....choices will continue to get worse.  We allow so much sin to infiltrate our "christian" lives now.  We tolerate way too much because we don't want to offend or make someone mad or uncomfortable.  We don't want to hear, "you're so judgmental" out of others mouths.  When in essence....calling out sin is what we should do.  Say it in love but silence is condoning.  I was going to post the video of the planned parenthood abortion doctor chomping up her salad but why....I do not want to give the enemy one second of publicity.  If someone out there clicked on this pitiful blog and thought that sounded alright by them I just could not stand it.  But, I expect, once again that people who do stumble on this and read will choose......God's way.

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Patti said...

Amen, sister Cindy. Amen.