my babies

my babies

Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer is going way, way too fast!!!

It's the last day of July!!!  NO!!!  Tomorrow is August and that means school is just around the corner and that is the end of summertime as we know it.  Too fast, people...too fast.  Just a quick update on my ever growing grand babies. overload coming.....

Okey dokey kids....can you look at Mimi and sit still??  With a little help from the girls, Brooks is kinda stable.

Now this one is a keeper and a miracle!

 Am I done I???  Nope Brooksy, Mimi will take dozens.

Well I am outta here girls.  Color me gone!!

Hold up there cowpoke....Mimi ain't done!

I got him my hug clutch!

My sweet, sweet girls.

My little man....he is such a joy!

Oh my goodness, what a blessing these little ones are to me.  Being a part of their lives is such an honor and a privilege and I just thank the Lord for every chance to be with these little ones.

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