my babies

my babies

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


A current trend in our culture is the "selfie".  I do not understand this concept at all.  First off, I know what I look like and so does every single person I pass wherever I am does too.  I don't walk through the grocery store or church or Target or wherever making duck faces (not a good look on anyone) or gang signs or any of the silly faces people take of themselves and post on every single place in social media.  Is this just one more self-centered monster that we are creating in the name of fun?  Harmless?  I don't think so.  It is grooming our children into buying what others perceive as beauty and ranking their self esteem by how many likes they get.  Eventually this will be some sort of syndrome or mental illness that either gets you a get out of jail free card or some prescription so you can cope and see.  But I see grown women doing this.  Women over 25 with so much more to offer than a photo of themselves doing....nothing.  It saddens me when I see women my age doing this.  Posting photos of themselves constantly on social media.  The big question is why?  I have stated before my problems with social media.  It can often lead to dual lives.  Your facebook life and your real life.  We all know people who post things that are just not reality.  That is one of the many reasons I do not have facebook.  My life is just too real for me sometimes!  Also, I would be a stalker.  Trust me....I would.  I just think we should be posting what is not so self involved.  Self-centered.  Self.  Go out into to the world and be selfless.  Visit the nursing home, take food to your local food pantry, help out at whatever center is near you.  Talk...face to face...with your neighbor, your child, your mom, dad, sister, brother...anyone.  Put your %&$#@%^&* phone down for Pete's sake!!  Now I am not saying you can never have fun with your camera and your phones.  It is the age we live in and I know that.  We all laugh at stuff that we do and put out there for the world to see.  But this constant barrage of selfies is unreal.  Let's post some "selflessy's" and not stick our face in them and see if that trends.

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KyPianist said...

Amen, Cindy. Amen!