my babies

my babies

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th of July....a day late

We had a very quiet but fun 4th.  The kids all came over to swim and play for the day and then we had a big cookout at my parents home next door.  Megan and Thad left for the beach on the 4th so they were not able to sad!!  We ate some great ribs and hot dogs.  Played with all the babies and then everyone went home.  Boy, we are an exciting bunch!!  That's how we roll.  With a bunch of little kids it is too hard to go see huge firework displays because it is late, the noise is unreal and it is a little scary for babies and toddlers.  Once again I tried to get some good photos of all the kids.  I tell you the is like herding cats.  Nobody looks at the same time.  Someone is always got their hands in their face.  Their feet in the air.  Crying.  Looking like they are posing for their mugshot or just plain ole miserable.  All those awesome family photos on Pinterest???  Made-up!  They have to be....I mean let's get real people.  We stand on our heads and cannot get four kids to hardly even look in the same direction, let alone smile.

See my foot, Mimi??/  Do you??!

Great picture of Piper's seahorse

Penny photobomb

Kyra is the kissing queen.  In every single photo she is trying to give a big fat kiss to somebody.

C'mere Brooks, old boy, gimme some sugar!

At least they are all sorta looking my way

Sneaking a kiss to the back of Savannah's head

Mimi, I just want corn.

I am so very grateful and proud to be an American though.  Even if I am greatly disappointed in some of the choices and paths this nation is taking, I am still proud to be an American.  Praying for this nation to turn back to the Lord!

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