my babies

my babies

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

8 months and almost 3 days!

I am so sorry that I have not yet posted Brooks 8 month photo shoot to the seven or eight of you that read this!  But between, swimming and playing and swimming and all the other deep and important things that I do....well time got away from me and I have not been able to edit his pictures.  Even a baby needs some touch ups??  Right???  Brooks, my sweet guy, you are so sweet and so cuddly I cannot stand it.  You have three teeth...two bottom and one top.  You sit up great and are just about to take off crawling.  But that does not stop you from getting what you want.  You can roll anywhere, and I mean anywhere.  You eat great and sleep great.  You love and adore and love your mama.  You like the rest of us pretty good too but she is your main squeeze....literally.  Your sisters could still just eat you up.  They are crazy about you.  So far you are laid back and really just an easy baby.  Good thing because those sisters keep your family hopping!

Hey there Mimi....where is Mr. Frog??  I can't do this without him?  Well, little buddy...Mr. Frog says you're kinda rough.  Can you take it easy?  Sure, I can Mimi....bring him here!

Hey Mr. Frog!  How ya doin??  Easy, easy little man.  My ears are tender!

Sure, about letting me snack on some of them there froggy legs?

Just kiddin, just kiddin Mr. Frog.  I ain't gonna eat ya!

I just love you that's all.  Yes, I am sure you do me to death!

Uhhhh....I kinda know how you feel Mr. Frog.  Believe me, I do.  These two sisters......yeesh!

 Brooks, I just love rubbing your sweet little face.  Thanks, so sweet.  Hey, Brooks....just wait til nobody is lookin....I'm gonna get ya!  I know Savannah....gulp...I know.

 Mr. Frog...I'm sorry about all the rough, gnaw on my leg a while if it makes you feel better.

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