my babies

my babies

Thursday, June 18, 2015

How we are spending these hot summer days

It is not officially summer yet but with the highs in the upper 90's every day and no end in sight....let's just say "Welcome Summer"!!!  I am loving this weather.  I am a hot weather kind of girl and this is just great for summer bugs like me.  I am just thankful that i have a pool because that is where we are living.  The little girls love the water and so do their mommy and Aunt Megan.  Brooks likes the pool too and I have hauled my old baby pool up to the big pool so he can have one about 2 inches deep for him underneath a big umbrella.  Still he can only be outside for short times because he is just a baby and it is just too much for him.  The girls swam all day yesterday and most of the day today.  We had a sleep-over last night and they slept like the dead.  They were so tired.  Swimming just wears them out because they are the hardest playing children I have ever seen.  They literally swim and jump and paddle and dive and twirl and flip for hours.  I went to bed at nine last night myself!

Brooks is loving some popsicle!

We are loving the water, Mimi!!

Look at me!!  Watch this!!  I heard it a million times today and I love it!

Little Kyra just floating in my moms pool.

We got new mermaid fins so now we are real mermaids!!

Savannah is a very good floater.

Piper taking a popsicle break too.

Swimming makes me hungry, Mimi!

Savannah was hungry too.  Even though she eats only chocolate peanut butter and "regulry" peanut butter....and that is it.

I eat popsicles too, Mimi....see all gone!

Meg ate all her popsicle too!

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