my babies

my babies

Monday, May 4, 2015

Saving Lives

When I was a young girl every single summer when we uncovered our swimming pool I worked myself into a frenzy trying to save each and every single tadpole life.  That's right...tadpoles.  So now that I am a grown-up I have found that I have taught my little grand girlies to be the same way.  We worked ourselves to death catching and hauling tadpoles to the pond this past weekend.  Piper and Savannah both hauled net after net of tadpoles to the pond in my parents yard.  They were so cute!  I am trying very hard to make non-sissies out of them.  Neither girl would hold the squiggly little tadpoles in their bare hands but at least they were not scared!!  I told them both they were sissies for not touching them and Piper informed me that yes she was a sissy because she had a sister.  I suppose she wore her smarty pants on Saturday!  Sweet little Mr. Brooks took an incredibly long nap on Sunday so when he got up I did a little mini photo shoot.  The girls were both pretty grungy because we had to save more tadpole lives after Sunday lunch.  Savannah just kept her dress on and she really was a filthy mess by the end of the day.  Saving lives is hard and dirty work!

My sweetie-pies!!!

As you can see, Savannah is doing her nails....with a piece of sidewalk chalk!

They are such sweet siblings.

 Hey Mimi....can you get me outta here???  They want to do my nails!

Don't worry Brooks....I won't let them sissies make a sissy out of you!

Here comes Piper on her farm tractor!!

And Miss Savannah closing in on her four wheeler....still in her Sunday dress.

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