my babies

my babies

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How Can She Be 3??

Yesterday my Savannah Lilly turned three years old.  3.  It's a magic number.  Edging out of toddlerhood into the territory of preschooler.  Big changes a'comin.  Savannah you are my snuggly, spitfire of a little girl.  So funny.  So gorgeous.  So demanding and commanding.  I flat out love it.  And I love you, cuddle-bug.  You absolutely light up a room.  Stuck in the middle of your wise big sister who is funny and precious on her own and a sweet baby brother who is really just starting to develop personality.  You are the tattle-teller, the car monitor, the town crier (literally, at times) and the one who will just win your heart with one sweet grin.  How on this earth did you get so big??

This is her typical expression.  All smiles and fun.

You love to run and play and go a hundred miles an hour all the time.

You just take my breath away sometimes you are just such a pretty girl.

See what I mean???  This was a rare quiet and still moment because you are hardly ever still.  Or quiet.

Keep jumping, baby.

I pray for you each and every day.  I pray for you to come to know Jesus early.  I pray for your future.  I pray for school years, teen years, college years and I pray for your future spouse.  He will need to be strong....because you need that.  In hind-sight you do remind me of my Megan.  Such a dramatic cross of highs and lows but that is what is lovable about the two of you.  Savannah, your Mimi loves you to pieces!!!

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Tracy said...

She is beautiful...