my babies

my babies

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Catching Up & Stuff

I have had a very busy past few days!!  My sweet Megan helped me open the pool last Friday.  That water is fah-reeeee-zing!!!  I will not be jumping in until it hits that magic degree of 84*.  that sounds warm to some but I like bath water and if it gets warmer then double yay for me!  Brittany came over Saturday to visit for Mother's day and my sister and my girls too.  So we all had a really nice visit.  On Sunday for Mother's Day I cooked a big supper for my mama and had everyone bring a side dish.  For myself, I asked the girls to just let me come home after church and take a nap.  That was wonderful.  I mean it too.  I don't care about going out to eat too much so that way everyone did their own thing for Sunday lunch.  It was dreary and cool until later that evening when it turned out really nice.  This week has been very hot.  Around 90*....and I just love it.  This is pool warming weather if ever there was.  Sunday's sermon was directed to what kind of mother does God want us to be.  I fell short as most of us do.  But the Lord is just so good to me and I do so want to please Him with my role as a mother.  I do pray for my daughters and grandchildren daily.  I am just so thankful that God has loaned them to me....because they are really His anyway.

My two beautiful girls.....

My mama, sister and me.....

Erica and her wild bunch!

Thad riding Megan's old John Deere tractor

Megan....still riding her old John Deere tractor!

My sweet angels....freezing their little toesies off!

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