my babies

my babies

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Life through the eyes of Savannah

I love my grand babies.  I mean I just love them to pieces.  Eat them with a spoon and to the moon and back kind of love.  Even when they need a little swat on the behind....I love them.  Not that they would ever even need a frowny look...they are that sweet all the time!!  When I talk about personality qualities in them I can't describe three more different babies.  Piper is so smart and so sweet and so thoughtful.  She is very social and loves entertaining.  Praise the Lord she has inherited a love of fancy dishes and dresses.  Brooks is the sweetest baby ever.  He is so laid back.  Never fussy.  He is super observant and super solemn.  Getting smiles and giggles takes a lot of work with him.  But he is the most snuggly baby I have ever held.  His little personality is just developing.  Then there is Savannah.  Oh my word.  She is just a delight.  A big bag of emotion.  All.  The.  Time.  Lots of emotion.  Lots, I tell you.  She is either deliriously happy or extremely heartbroken. She can cry for the longest time over ....nothing.  I mean she has no clue.  She will start laughing and giggling over the same.  She comes up with the funniest things to say.  Life is never dull with her around.  She is so passionate about everything.  A day with her is like a roller coaster.  You are never still a dozen ups and downs and you come to a crashing halt. I seldom get a chance to have her cooperate somewhat with my camera but this weekend I did.  With the exception of a family Easter picture she did pretty good.  I lover her silliness and I even love her hurricane of tears.  She holds on to you like she can't allow her feet to touch the ground when she is crying and except for the sheer volume....she is fun to snuggle too!  Here is a selection of photos I took of her this weekend.

Running is one of her favorite things to do.  She loves to sing while she runs.

Savannah loves the sandbox too.  She also does not like pony tails.  Hair in her face is her favorite 'do.

Climbs like a monkey

Drives a mighty ship too!  Always on the lookout for sharks!

What a little beauty.

She likes to watch Penny dig endless holes on her constant quest for moles in my yard.

A rare still moment

Sweet little girl

Am I still sweet, Mimi???

Hunting eggs is a favorite thing.

Candy is her main food  group.

Bubble gum is a new treat.  One I think that hair may regret.

See what I mean....Easter photo at its finest.

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