my babies

my babies

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cousins...Take Two???

Erica and Brittany had their little ones over today so we tried for a new photo shoot of all the little guys and gals!  Once again the baby wranglers of the world are grossly underpaid!  The weather was pretty and the scenery was good, so with the promise of candy galore we headed outside.  Here is what we got....

Starting off super great!

Kyra!  Look here!  Piper, look here!!  Brooks...spit out the paci...please

What, Mimi!!  I can't hear you.  Well, Kyra can hear you, Savannah!

Brooks...sit with me please.

Piper is pretending to be a baboon and checking Brooks for fleas, I guess.

This was what we got the majority of the time.....Nobody looking!

Oh, Mimi...stop...we are so cute and nobody cares that we don't look at you, or smile, or be still.

You little ones are right....I think y'all are just beautiful just the way you are!

Well, maybe you could sorta glance my way....just a bit.

Whoa there Kyra Rose....stay with us here.

Baby fallout....look out!!!

And when your little brother will not smile no matter what you make him.

My munchkins

 Yay!!!!  We are where's the candy!

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