my babies

my babies

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Going Nowhere Fast

I have not written in several days and I really don't know why.  I have been home every single day and have managed to get hardly anything done around the house.  I am busy all the time but I can't tell you what in the world I am doing.  Maybe I have been in a coma???  I did get my hair done yesterday.  I love my cut....the color???  Let's just say it isn't me.  I love my hair a very pale but soft blonde.  It is pale but it is not soft.  It is way too yellow, or brassy or whatever the term is for me.  I am seriously considering running to the store and buying a box color and doing it myself.  I used to all the time.  It sure would save me a ton of money.  Mostly for the past several days I have been piddling.  Going from one room to the other.  Doing this and that.  Watching some TV.  Probably too much of that for sure.  The weather here is breaking some.  I hope and pray that winter is gone and spring is springing.  Right now it is just starting to rain fairly hard.  As long as it is rain and no more snow, ice, sleet or freezing rain.  I am fine with that.  Tonight we have our monthly ladies meeting at church.  We call it Faith Women.  We have several projects going on and I am in charge of the whole show tonight.  For our devotional time I am going to do some kind of fun game instead.  Life has been very serious for a lot of our women here of late and I think we could all use a good laugh.  I know that throughout my life I have laughed way more than I have cried and I also know that it does us way more good..  Tears have their place...I have cried buckets and buckets.  But laughing??  Well, it just feels so good and it sure doesn't leave me with a headache, splotchy neck or my make up all washed off.  Unless I have laughed until i cried...which I have many times!  Some of our women need to loosen up a bit anyway.  Lord, I pray all the time that I do not turn into one of those "Sister Sue better than you" old ladies.  You know the type....

"I don't like that modern music....God don't neither"
"Did you see how that bunch was dressed???  In church, too"
"Well, I didn't come to church to laugh and cut-up, I came to hear some old fashioned preaching!"
"I didn't get a thing from that....Did you?"
"I can't believe they want to do a new study so soon, and with homework?!"
"What???  another mission project?'"
"Oh, I am too old to help, honey.  I did my time."

I truly do not want to be this kind of Christian woman....ever.  Talk about going nowhere fast.

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Tracy said...

You preach it Sister too. Maybe we should get on the Bible Belt Circuit...