my babies

my babies

Monday, March 16, 2015

Four Months Old!

Well, Mr. Brooks you are officially four months old.  You are such a sweet, sweet baby.  So cuddly and snuggly.  You love your mama.  You can't take your eyes off of her for more than a few minutes and when you can't see her you make the saddest little pouty face.  You hardly ever cry though.  Such a good baby.  You sleep really well at night and are getting better about your naps during the day.  You are noticing your sisters and they just adore you.  You are an easy baby to work with and having two big sisters that is a miracle and a blessing.  You are 26 inches long and weigh in at a whopping 18 lbs and 7 oz.  Big Boy for sure!  You are solemn most of the time but when you do smile it just lights up my heart. You have a deep chuckle that is so funny.  I just love you to pieces little man.

Hey little buddy..straighten up and get both of those thumbs out of your mouth,  Picture time!!

How's this Mr. Frog??  Am I sharp?  Am I suave and sophisticated??

Hold on there partner... Mimi just wants you to look at her.  You don't have to go all "George Clooney" on her, you know.

Okay.  But I need a quick fix man.  Just one thumb this time.

Hey Mimi.  I am a whole four months old now.  I know little man.  It is going way too fast.  I just am crazy about you, Brooks.

Awwww,  Mimi you are just the best.  I love you, too!!!

Hey Brooksy Boy!!  Help me, Mimi!!  Somebody???  Help!  She's here!

That's right little brother!  Here is a big fat kiss, too!

Wow!  That was close.  Usually they both jump me.  The other one is napping, I think.

What did I miss??  I was having a good nap.  Brooks, don't worry.  when I wake up're mine.  All mine!!!!

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