my babies

my babies

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Broken Ones

I am a fairly new subscriber to Netflix.  I mainly just wanted to catch up on "The Walking Dead".  But I have also found a few other things to watch as well.  I did watch a movie which is a rare thing for me called "Labor Day"..  this had Josh Brolin and Kate Winslett in the movie.  There was no foul language, no nudity and no real violence with the exceptions of some memories that you really just read into.  Very good....I recommend it.  I also stumbled upon a British series named "Call the Midwife".  It is set in the 1950's in East London.  This was a very poor section of London during this point in history.  Most of the women had their babies at home with the assistance of a midwife.  These nurse midwives also treat a variety of other illnesses.  It is the story of their lives and they interact and how they help these women and townspeople.  It is funny, touching, entertaining and very thought-provoking.  I am very grateful for modern medicine I must say.  See??  I sound British already!  Yesterday I watched an episode where a woman had a baby boy at home with the assistance of one of the midwives and a nun that is also a nurse.  The midwives do live in a convent of nurse-nuns.  Properly chaperoned and taken care of by the state.  This woman named Ruby gave birth to a baby boy with spina bifida.  She was devastated.  Her husband, Douglas, wanted a son very badly since they already had two girls.  The mother rejected the baby and wanted nothing to do with him.  After several weeks of pure despair she still had not even held her son.  Her husband and the midwives took care of him.  Finally one day the main midwife in the show, Jenny Lee, asked the mother to please at least come and push the baby in his pram (I love that word and want one of those too!!) just down the street.  One of the other tenement women peeked in at the baby and said a horrible thing.  "Oh, your boy is a cripple huh??  No wonder you don;t bring him out." Ruby cringed and the blasted the woman.  I would have too.  She and the midwife took him back in the house.  The mother then said she just could not deal with this baby.  Why had they even allowed him to live?  It seems in the prior 20 or so years these babies and others with deformities were given an overdose of chlorophyll as a means to put them out of their misery.  That just broke my heart.  There was a new nurse assistant on the show that week and she told them about a home that took handicapped people.  Nurse Jenny went there and found it very nice and clean and receptive for the baby.  She told Douglas and Ruby about it and they agreed to go see about placing their baby in the home.  When they got there Ruby stayed in the car and Jenny and Douglas took the baby inside.  At this point the poor baby still had no name at all.  The father sat with the director while the nurse held his boy.  The director explained that could come visit any time they wanted and encouraged them to come often.  A young man with cerebral palsy and a blind boy served them tea.  The father, Douglas, asked the boy with cerebral palsy if he liked it at the home.  He said that next door was a biscuit factory.  Douglas said that must be very nice.  The young man said, "Yes, we get the broken ones."  Well, I burst right into a big puddle of tears!!!  They got the broken ones.....  The father went outside to his wife and went home to help his wife get the babies things ready to go to the home.  When they packed his clothes he carried the bag and asked Ruby to pick "it" up.  By saying "it" he was referring to the baby.  His wife bristled and said, "It ain't an's a baby."  She picked him up and then she just closed her eyes and inhaled the scent of him.  The nurse was downstairs waiting.  Ruby called down and said, "Straight away with you Nurse Lee.  Douglas Jr. ain't going nowhere."  The father walked down the stairs to escort Jenny out and said, "I know my wife. All she ever had to do was pick him up."  What do we do with our broken ones??  Do we put them in a discard pile?  What happens to us when we are the broken ones??  Thank God He never throws us to aside.  He never casts out the broken ones.  I cried for probably thirty minutes over this one sentence.  Heck!  I am crying right now.  The broken ones....what will I do with them?


ddeckerblog said...

Wow! the life applications that can be made from that movie. Thanks! and yes, my eyes are watery!

KyPianist said...

Beautiful entry, Cindy! Makes me think of this song by the Talley Trio:

Maggie came home one day with a raggedy, Raggedy Ann.
She said " Mama, look what I found in the neighbors garbage can."
It had a missing left arm, and a right button eye hanging by a thread
She carried it gently up to her room and laid it on her bed
with her other dolls.

She loves the broken ones, the ones that need a little patchin' up
She see's the diamond in the rough and makes it shine like new
It really doesn't take that much, a willing heart and a tender touch
If everybody loved like she does, there'd be a lot less broken ones.

Twenty years later in a shelter on Eighteenth Avenue
A seventeen year old girl shows up all black and blue
with needle tracks in her left arm, almost too weak to stand,
She says,"I'm lost and I need help", as Maggie takes her hand
And says, "Come on in!"

If you call her an angel, she'd be quick to say to you
She's just doing what the one who died for her would do

Love the broken ones, the ones that need a little patchin' up
See the diamond in the rough and make it shine like new
It really doesn't take that much, a willing heart and a tender touch
If everybody loved like He does, there'd be a lot less broken ones.