my babies

my babies

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Since we had a pretty decent snowfall this week my little grand babies wanted to build a snowman.  So I went to their house and we built a snowman.  I wish Elsa had been there to just whip one right up because snowman building is a lot of work.  Let's just say Blake and Mimi built a snowman while Piper and Savannah just played in the snow.  But in the end we had a somewhat decent snowman that the little girls liked and we got snow cream and cookies afterwards.

Hey Mimi!!  This is our super cool snow girl.  She has a baby carrot for a nose and two cookies for eyes!

Come on Tyson, Let's run boy!!

Mimi?  I don't think our snow girl really needs to see so I am going to eat her eyes....okay?

Pipers attempt at making a snow angel.  The snow had gotten a little hard.

Savannah didn't have much better luck cracking through the icy top of the snow.

Piper!!!  Did you eat both of her eyes??!!

I didn't eat her eyes Mimi....only her nose!

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