my babies

my babies

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Two Months Old!

Little Mr. Brooks is two months old already.  That just seems unreal to me.  It is already 2015 and the month is half over.  Too fast.  Anyway, I headed over to Blake and Erica's after school yesterday to take some photos of my little man and he was sound asleep.  He had been for a check-up and got four shots!!  Waaahhhh!!!  I don't like that, I told Piper.  She informed me that he cried and I really don't like that.  Mimi does not like her babies to cry....ever.  When he woke up we headed to his room and did our photo shoot.

Hey there little buddy.  Hey, Mr. Frog.  Is it that time again??

Yesssiree it sure is.  Mr. Frog, my legs hurt.  This woman stuck me in the legs with these sharp things and I cried.  Then she put these goofy looking sticker things on my legs.  They didn't help one bit either!  Awww, it's ok Brooksy...I will rub them for you.

That's ok froggy...that kinda hurts too.  I am pretty tough so I will just take it like a man.

Okay little guy.  If you say so...just trying to help you.  You are getting really big and strong though.  I can see that you are really growing!

What's happening Brooks???  I am getting super squished!!!  Oh, good is one of those sisters of mine.  Sorry man...they are everywhere.  Oh no!  She has a dog with her...does he bite?

Uh...wait a minute here people.  I don't do mouses.  I like Mr. Frog, thank you very much.  Did that dog eat him???

I will not even look at this goofy mouse.  Where is Mr. Frog!!!?

I got ya, brother!  Froggy is safe and sound.  No worries.  Help!!  I can't breathe!!!

Yay!  Safe on the floor with my trusty thumb.  Can't put that in a basket...can you Piper??

Guess who woke up from her nap??  Savannah and her tub of lip gloss, that's who!

These two love them some lip gloss.  The more the can never get enough!

No lip gloss for me girls....I just want a nap!

Brooks you are 14 lbs and 9 ounces and 24 inches long.  You eat great and sleep pretty good.  You get up about twice a night to eat but go right back to sleep.  You tolerate a ton of noise which is great when you live with two very noisy girls.  You are a real cuddle bug and love, love, LOVE your mama!  And that's the way it should be!

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