my babies

my babies

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Real Life

I often post about my grandchildren, my spiritual walk, places I go and what I am doing.  You know...real life.  But, like everyone I usually show just the glossy side.  Or I might leave out any wrinkles or waves.  Today I am just keeping it real.    This week I didn't really go anywhere grand.....I rarely do but I did take my oldest grand daughter shopping for school clothes.  Winter clothes are marked way down and she will need school clothes next year so this is a no-brainer for me.  I only buy what is on sale.  Period.  I cannot afford to pay full price for anything so on sale is the only way to go.  This is a lesson I taught my girls and I hope to pass down to my babies.  We did have a fabulous day though.  I wanted to take her to a "fancy" lunch in a sit down restaurant but she saw the Chick Filet sign so nuggets it was.  Fancy may be my name but not hers.  We started a new Bible study at church Wednesday night which I am in desperate need of.  I am dry as a bone in my spiritual life right now.  In a vast desert where i see absolutely no oasis at all.  Of course, I am looking with my physical eyes, not my heart eyes.  God is there.  Even in the desert His fingerprints are all over the dusty places of my life and journey.  He will get me through this place.  In this area there is no glossy side....just sand and dust.  But the hope in what the Lord has for me is sustaining me day by day.  I did have all my people over for supper last night.  I made the Pioneer Woman's "Marlboro Man Sandwiches",  macaroni and cheese, roasted potatoes with whole mustard and olive oil and fruit salad.  I have to say it was really good.  That's the glossy part of our evening.  The reality is my little tough girl, Savannah, bit the tarnation out of her sister, Piper over a doll house potty.  She got a well deserved spanking and a time out.  Which both broke my heart and also reminded me that children need discipline in a major way.  Brooks spit up all over one of my leather chairs while I was attempting to get some photos of him because he is a tough cookie to take a picture of!  I tried once again to get some shots of all three of them.  Baby-wrangling should be the highest paid salary in the is impossible to get any kind of good shot of three little people.  Im-poss-i-ble!!!  They are so sweet and I love them so, so much but Laws' ah Mercy!!!   They will wear you slap out.  this is why, older women, God gives babies to the young.  You old gals over fifty...just stop trying to have a baby ...they are hard, hard work.  Are you crazy??!!  Everyone went home and I crashed on the couch to watch TV.  Is my life a roller coaster ride?  A lot of the time it is and some of the time it is a smooth paddle boat ride.  Does everything work out like I want??  No way.  Struggles, I have a plenty.  I struggle with loneliness, I struggle with future decisions, I struggle with parenting and grandparenting.  Even though my daughters are full grown and both have husbands I am still their mama.  I am all up in their business.  I have two son-in-laws that I love like sons.  Both work in dangerous jobs that I pray about all the time.  One is a policeman the other is a electrical lineman.  I pray for their protection and that they love the Lord and walk with Him.  I pray they are good husbands and fathers.  That they never hurt or betray my daughters....keepin it real???  My loving them like sons would be hard pressed then.  I think they would see my grizzly mama teeth if they hurt one of my girl-cubs.  Let's face it...real life??  It is hard.  Hard to live and hard to take.  Most of life here in this world is boring and monotonous.  Same old thing every same old day.  But God is always there and He is never boring.  Looking at my life through His eyes I can see each and every miraculous thing that goes on around me.  Minute miracles.  I woke up.  I can see and walk and feel and taste and hear.  My home is warm.  I have food and clothes.  I can drive anywhere I would like (within reason) or I can stay home.  I have already talked with my own mama today.  My parents are healthy and vibrant.  My children and grand babies are healthy and whole.  Life is hard but good.  God is the God of the valleys and the peaks.  The valleys can be large and vast and the climb to the next peak is steep and craggy.  The peak can be short-lived and quick with a sharp descent.  If it stayed at a peak too long....I would be prone to leave the God I love to quote my favorite hymn.  Valleys and descents and climbs are what keep God real to me.  Makes me realize how much I need Him.  To keep me focused on what is really important.

I did manage to take a few photos of the babies....even if they aren't that great!!

My little, big man...he is growing so fast!!

Lining them up and trying to get them to just look is a huge feat.

All eyes open....a rare, rare thing.

I think this is probably what Brooks is thinking...most of his waking hours.

They do love their little brother, though.  A whole, whole lot!

Right before the big spit-up event.  Trying to get that head straight up though!

Mimi???  Why is that big black thing always in front of your face???

Get used to it buddy...get used to it.  I am trying to capture real life...right before my own eyes!

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