my babies

my babies

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Finally some sun!

It has been majorly cold, rainy, foggy and just generally yucky for the last several days.  When my grandbabies came over or if I went over there it was way too cold and wet to go outside.  Now, fist you must know....I love outside.  All things outside.  I love to eat outside, sit outside, play outside ... just be outside.  I am no house-mouse as my mama says.  So when I noticed that my little grandgirls were suffering from cabin fever I nodded to them and said, "Me too sugars, me too."  So they all came over today and we went outside.  I took them for a walk in the woods to explore.  We played on the swingset.  We rode bikes and just soaked up some good old sunshine.  Thank the Lord for pretty days in the winter.

See the smiles????

Outside is just the best, Mimi!

These two really loved walking in the woods.

I love my little explorers!

Piper can't wait to go back and explore some more!

Even Paw and Aunt Megan came with us!

Not me, Mimi!!!  I stayed in the warm and cozy house with my mommy!  Not next winter, buddy.  You're coming with us!!

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