my babies

my babies

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Visit with Santa

Our local public library each year has "Cookies with Santa".  An older man from the community always plays the part as Santa and his sweet wife is Mrs. Claus.  He is a really good Santa too!  Blake and Erica always take the kids to see him and tonight they got to take little Mr. Brooks for his first meeting with Santa.  I took some pictures....well I attempted too.  It's hard when two little girls will hardly let go of you.  To talk about Santa so much and to watch all these Christmas shows they sure were shy!!  But at least there were no tears!

Creeping up just a little steps though..

Getting them to look up is the hardest part!

Brooks wasn't skeered!!

Maybe not Mimi....but we are...just a little!

Craft time is so much better!

Piper is ready to make an ornament!

I think Savannah spies something she likes better than glitter, sequins or glue...

Yep!  I just love cookies, Mimi!

I do too Mimi...this much!

Don't worry little can have a cookie next year

Can we say twins???  There mouths are identical.

This little sweetie just wants hugs!

I suppose going to sit on a strangers lap and then give him a list of your hearts deepest desires when your a toddler is a little overwhelming.  If only we grownups didn't look so goofy doing that....I have a list, don't you??

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