my babies

my babies

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Some updates

I tell you what....I am one busy woman.  My friend, Debbie, called me this week and asked me if I was ever home.  No.  I am not.   Ever.  It is Saturday morning around six and I have been up for quite a while.  Oh, the joys of menopause and either the early rising, the no sleeping at all or the constant waking.  Joy, pure joy I tell you.  Anyway, between practicing for the church Christmas play....which I am a main character....which is one of the biggest (mistakes) challenges I have chosen in a while is taking a huge chunk of my time.  Decorating for will come....which is taking a huge (and fun) chunk of my time.  Work.  Now there is something that really messes up the plans I job.  Gotta have it but I do so not enjoy the least.  I try to spend a good deal of time with my sweet little grandbabies and with my own two daughters.  With all that said....I have no time.  But this week I did get to go over to my niece's house and take her Christmas photos and play with sweet little Kyra.  She is such a beauty.  And I also got to keep my new little man, Brooks, for a bit while his mommy took his sisters to a birthday party.  A ton of other things are going on too but it is just life.  And honestly, my life is really very full.  I just finished the Bible study at church called "Children of the Day" by Beth Moore.  Fabulous.  I mean it....really, really good.  Did a couple of family photo sessions.  Helping out with our church directory project and about a zillion other things.  I also got the chance to spend some time with my baby girl last night at an art class offered by our local high school.  The Art IV students taught us how to paint a canvas of our choosing form about five different pieces.  Megan and I chose the winter scene.  So much fun and ours turned out really good!  Megan has always been a talented  Not so much but I did have a lot of fun.  Now for some photos from the past week.

Sweet, sweet baby Kyra.  She loves to look at the Christmas tree.

Well, Hey Grand Aunt Cindy....I haven't seen you in about a week.  Where you been??

Aaron, Brittany and Kyra.  First Christmas as a new family of three.

Both Brittany and Aaron read to her all the time.  Both are book nerds (me too) and really want her to love reading too.

My obsession with baby feet never ends.  Are they not just precious?????

Little sweetie went to sleep on me....Merry Christmas, little one.

Then when I was done at Brittany's house I ran over to Erica's to watch my little man.  I could eat him up too!

He was sound asleep too!  What is up with these babies and all this sleeping???

I actually caught a real smile on camera.  He must have been dreaming because he sighed and grinned really big for several seconds.  Probably dreaming of his Mimi....don't ya think?

What??  Who is here???

Is that you Mimi?'re my favorite.  That is so sweet little are my favorite little guy too.

What a blessing all these babies are to me.  My life is so very full but I am grateful and thankful to the Lord above for all these blessings and for the chance to serve Him in any way I can.  Whether it is in a play, helping with a directory, Watching babies and just spending time with people.  God is just so good.  All the time.

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