my babies

my babies

Saturday, December 13, 2014

One Month Old!!

It's just goes by way too fast.  My sweet little grandson is already one month old!  I cannot believe it.  I went over there this afternoon to take his picture with you know who.  Mr. Frog, of course.

Hey Buddy, wake's me..Mr. Frog.  Mimi is here for your monthly photo shoot...wake up!!

What are you looking at man??  You need to open up your eyes so everyone can see how cute you are.  Your mama even stuck a sign on you...I think it says "You Da Man" or something like that....I can't really read.

You ARE awake....I see you grinning.  You faker!

Mr. Frog you have no idea how the last month has been.  This one little girl wants to hold me all the time.  All The TIME!  She keeps telling me it's ok and how sweet I am and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Then the next thing I know she is rubbing my head or wanting to pull on my arms or my legs.

Then the other one is always kissing me and wanting to "help".  I can hardly stand it!!!

I get it Brooks...I totally get it.  I got sisters too.  Let's just lay back and chill....Okay?  You know froggie...this is kinda nice.  Little man...those two girls ...they just love you, that's all.

You're right.  They do and I kinda like them too.  This is nice.  I am getting sleepy again.  I think I will just lay back and relax.  I am getting used to this family.  I think I'll stay.