my babies

my babies

Monday, December 8, 2014

Let It Go

Yesterday I got the chance to go see Disney's on Ice "Frozen" with my grandchildren.  I adore anything with ice skates.  This did not disappoint.  It was wonderful and graceful and just a pure pleasure to watch.  My little grand girls LOVED it.  They were just mesmerized by the entire show.  That was better than watching the skaters!!  Their faces were just precious.  Piper, of course, wants to be an ice skater now.  She wants purple ice skates too.  I did not take my big camera because I figured they would not want that at the show because of copyright stuff....I was so wrong.  i forget that everyone in the world must own an iphone or a galaxy phone.  They don't use these to talk on of course but to take videos and pictures and tweet and facebook and every single thing else in the world on.  The best part of the show was when Elsa climbed the ice mountain and sang "Let it Go".  I sat back and closed my eyes and I listened to 8000 little girls sing "Let it Go.  So sweet!  I know all the words by heart (are you kidding me??  Who doesn't??)  and sang along too.  But while they were singing I thought to myself....that's the answer to almost everything.  Let it go.  As a Christian we are constantly affronted with stuff.  The world.  Ugly acting people.  Insults.  Wrongs of all kinds.  Let it go,  I do not condone any kind of violence against people.  You don't get to beat up on women, or children or even animals and be allowed to get away with it.  There must be consequences even in our so messed up society.  Rules are really a good thing for the most part.  But a big pile of what happens around us and to us we just need to let go.  Satan loves for us to be offended.  So therefore he makes sure that offenses are everywhere to be seen, heard, felt and even tasted by believers.  Every single thing good that God has for us Satan has a counterfeit that is (sometimes) appealing but is in reality bitter and ugly and choking.  He is always, always always the complete opposite of our God.  We often hear how much God loves us.  And He does.  But don't forget....Satan hates us that much.  Hates.  He is not capable of love at all.  God is love.  Satan is hate.  As Christians enveloped in the fold of God's love need to let it go.  He will fight for us.  He will take care of us.  The offenders will answer.  They will.  Sitting at Frozen on Ice I learned a valuable lesson that I needed to get.  My family right now is going through a fiery trial.  Unfortunately it is coming from other family members.  Let it go.  I don't condone their behaviour for one second.  But let it go.  I am just choosing to not react to it any longer.  To let it go.  The choices they are making are cold and calculated.  As Elsa says....the cold never bothered me anyway.  Let it go.  I did take a few pictures with my phone.  I am not phone savvy by any means so they are terrible!

Snow White was so cool.  She couldn't wait to get there!!

This was pretty much Savannah's face the whole time.  Except when the songs were being sung.  She did her singing to "Let It Go".  So much fun!!

While I have a long way to go in my walk with the Lord in various places.  I need to pray more, study more and witness more.  I desire those things so much.  God knows that.  He sees my heart.  He sees yours too.  Let it go....

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