my babies

my babies

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Programs!!

Each year we have a Children's Christmas Program that is just so good.  It always makes you smile and just warms your heart because it is just truth.  Children tell the story of Jesus so much better than grown ups ever could.  Ever.  I know, because I was in this years Christmas Play/Cantata and even though the story line was great and the music was awesome we adults just get in the way.  too much production, personality conflicts, tempers and needless to say at-tee-tuuuude!!!  Also, let's just say that cordless mikes are not always off and I may or may not have said some things that were not for everyones calling someone MR. BossyPants!!!!  Enough about me and my 'tude.  My little darling grandgirls were an angel and a sheep in the play yesterday morning.  cutest angel and sheep I have ever seen too.  I didn't get as many pictures or video of Savannah because she spent part of the time in the corral with the donkeys and other sheep and she was on the other side of the stage.  Just take a look and listen.  So Sweet!!!

Here are three little angels singing.  My Piper is the one on the right with her sweet little angel hands folded.  She is just the sweetest thing!!!

Savannah is the little sheep that is looking at you and ringing her bell.  She is also just the sweetest thing!!!

Another song....The children just sing right from their little hearts!  I know that Jesus just sits back and smiles as He watches them just praise His name.

Sweet Babies

I look forward to this program each year.  Brings back so many memories of my own little girls and when they sang these very same songs.

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