my babies

my babies

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Day I Met My Grandson...

On Wednesday morning Erica went to the Dr. with her husband.  I took a change of clothes to work and my camera bag just in case she was sent straight to the hospital.  Last week she was already dialated to a 3 1/2....Good Grief!  This week she was a 4 and they decided to induce her Thursday morning.  So at 7:30 that morning I am sitting in the waiting room with Erica and Blake.  They finally take her back to a delivery suite at 9:30.  By this time Blake's mom, Robin, my mama and Megan were all there too.  I must confess this time around I was a huge bundle of nerves.  Erica has had such a miserable pregnancy.  So much pain and sickness.  I was really scared.  I cannot stand to see my babies suffer in any way at all.  Physically, any way.  It breaks this mama's heart.  They started her on a pitocin pump at around 11:45.  This was to jump start her labor.  I have always heard that this makes for a harder delivery and a longer labor.  They broke her water at around noon.  Erica put in some praise and worship music and closed her eyes for a few minutes.  She took the earbuds out and said I think I am going to call the nurse.  She told us her legs felt funny.  Well, I just smile and say ok honey....inside my heart hit my feet.  The nurse came in and asked Erica to turn to the other side.  When she did Erica said ,"Oh no...."  the nurse checked her quickly and said, "Well, looks like we are having a baby! I will call the doctor!"  The other nurse came in and told Erica not to push or anything and that the doctor was across the street.  I asked her if she meant literally or across the hall???  No...the literal street where their offices are.  So maybe five minutes go by and here comes the doctor.  He was all out of breath and very winded.  I asked him if he had run here and he said he had!!  Much quicker than a car!  I glanced at the clock.  1:10 p.m.  Erica started pushing.  she is so tough.  I mean it she really, really is a tough one.  And he came.

I glanced at the clock again.  1:19 p.m.  All of nine minutes.  My hands were shaking so hard that some of my photos were blurry.  But here are a few more.  Well, a lot more.  I am a grandmother...what can I say??

Blake and Erica right before they started the induction.  She is my baby....but is she not just glamorous???

Getting a little intense....labor is very, very hard work.

Sweet parents.....they truly are a wonderful couple.

Meet my grandson...Brooks Lincoln Martin....

Are you my Mimi???  I am fweezing...get me a bwankie...pweeeese!!!

Thanks Mimi.....You are the best!

This little guy checked in at 8lbs and 3 oz and 21 inches long.  Big Boy!

I just love him.  He is my little Man-Cub!!  After all I am truly a grizzly mama bear when it comes to my babies.

Beautiful Aunt Megan....she is just the coolest Aunt ever.

My mama....Grammy.  this is her first great-grandson.  I think she is over the moon for him too! have great parents buddy. Great.

Big sisters were beyond thrilled to see this little guy.

Especially his biggest sister.  Piper is in love!  She could not keep her hands off this little guy.

Savannah liked him first.  Later she told me she didn't like him!  But I know she does!!

Savannah has just realized she is now the middle child!  Good Luck Brooks!

Thank you Jesus for a safe delivery and for a healthy baby and mommy.  I praise God for the many blessings he just keeps pouring down on my family.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the story of God's awesomeness!