my babies

my babies

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I could just eat him UP!

Yesterday I got the chance to take my grandson (I love that word!) little newborn photos.  Erica had a professional do this for Piper and Savannah but now with three kids....well priorities people!  So I did for free!  I am in no way shape or form a professional photographer.  A novice at best but I do try and I practice all the time.  It is an art form that I truly love.  So yesterday they packed up the three kids and came over for a quick photo shoot. there is a funny word.  It turned into a few hours.  First off little Mr. Brooks was just perfect.  Nice and sleepy and oh so pliable.

How precious is this???

Sweet, sleepy baby.  Look at those wittle bitty lips....I could just smooch him to pieces!

Then we wanted to do a few shots with his little football hat and his official NFL (stuffed) Miami Dolphins football.  So Erica took his clothes off and he woke up.  When she got him undressed...let's just say my dining room floor had to be mopped.  Who knew a baby could pee so much?!  Then he was hungry. When you nurse your newborn it takes some time.  After a bit we thought we had him settled down and ready for his next photo session.

Looks like he is ready to catch a pass doesn't he??

Blake loves the Dolphins.  He has been a fan for years.  I do hope this little guy is a football player.  I love school age sports and I really miss going to games.

His hat is so big it makes his little head look like a football.

My son-in-law is a police officer and Erica and I saw some photos on Pinterest with little baby boys with their daddy's equipment on them in photos.  So that was what we tried next.  About this time two little girls got hungry and wanted snacks and wanted to play and wanted to watch and wanted to hold him and kiss him and wanted a snack and wanted to go outside........  Then the baby was hungry...again.  This Mimi was a tired Mimi by now.  I had stood on chairs and rearranged my dining room to a photo studio to get some good light to come into windows and it was fading fast!!

How sweet is this?

Sleepy little fellow.  Trying to drift off again...


This big sister needed to give him a kiss

Then I think Savannah took the whole "I could just eat him up" thing literally, very literally.

Did she really want to eat him Mimi???   No, sweetie...not really.

Maybe I do Mimi.  Maybe I do!

Are you done yet Mimi????  Yes sugar...just one more.  My favorite part of babies...

Are sweet baby feet.  Look...a whole one will just fit right in my mouth.  See, can just eat him right up!!!

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