my babies

my babies

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This past weekend I went on a little getaway with some girlfriends.  It was really, really nice.  I was worried about my daughter because:

1.  She has a baby due in 3 weeks
2.  She had another UTI....and a baby due in 3 weeks
3.  She has never made it to 38 weeks....and has a baby due in 3 weeks

But after talking with her numerous times she did nothing but encourage me to go I went.  I was in charge of two things on this trip.  Breakfast on Saturday morning and the devotionals for each day.  Both me and my friends felt that all my doubts and fears were just attacks by the enemy and we were all correct.  He was after us all.....where God is going to show up Satan wants to sabotage.  The drive up was great.  Kelley's cabin is in the deep woods of Virginia and makes you feel a zillion miles away but in reality is only ninety minutes from home.  There is no phone service at all.  None.  She does have a land line up there that is a pure God send.  I went but I am still a mama that is nervous about her child.  Did I mention she is having a baby in 3 weeks or less??  Kelley, Sherry, Heidi and myself went up early to get things settled.  We built a fire, gathered extra wood and made a pot of soup for supper.  The other four came up around nine that night.  We stayed up late and talked and laughed and talked and laughed.  We all turned in around 1:30 a.m.  Only to get up at a few minutes after 7 the next morning to this:


Just a light dusting...but it was gorgeous

On Saturday morning I made overnight pumpkin french toast and raisin steel cut oatmeal.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  We settled in for some more talking.  We girls love to talk.  We talked about a variety of topics from our kids, our husbands, our parents, our church and we talked a lot about things we find funny.  If you were listening you would find that for the most part what made us laugh also makes 7 year old boys laugh.....bathroom humor!  Even stately "Church Ladies" find diarrhea funny.  We had a fabulous lunch prepared by Sherry of pasta salad and chicken salad and then we settled down for our devotion time.  I was led by God to speak about "What's Your Lonely?"  I have felt in recent months (years) empty and hollow.  When something is hollow we fill it up with whatever....not always good stuff.  I spoke on the loneliness that plagued me.  Not just about being alone but real loneliness.  The kind that drowns us.  Kelley spoke up and relayed how badly she missed her children who both live several states away.  Ellen shared how the death of her husband was still so very hard.  Brenda spoke about her brother's death as shattering to her.  Heidi spoke about the death of her brother years ago and the wake it had left in her own life.  Sherry talked about her feelings of being overwhelmed with her current season of life.  Each one of us shared her very own "lonely".  That night Angie made a fabulous meal for us of shrimp and grits.  Ah-may-zing!!!  It was too good.  On Sunday morning we woke up early again after a late night of talking.  We had a great old fashioned southern breakfast of eggs, biscuits, sausage and gravy prepared by Brenda and Kelley.  Then we had church.  I finished up the devotional about how we have victory over these issues in our lives.  Not the victory that will come when we get to heaven but the small victories here...but the best part was the concert of prayer.  We each and everyone prayed.  For each other, for ourselves, our nation, our families and each others needs.  We spoke praises to God...who is SO worthy.  It was just a wonderful weekend.  We got back home safe and sound to our families.  I got to hug my grandbabies and see my beautiful daughters.  God is so good....even when we getaway!

On a side note I did take several photos of the girls.  None of which I will post because not one was flattering to any of us!!!  Including myself!  I even got a group shot but whoa-nelly!  Some things are just better left on the mountain.

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