my babies

my babies

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Back in business, baby...

Today Blake and Erica brought home little Mr. Brooks.  Once the girls greeted their mommy and all the stuff was brought into the house I kidnapped the baby and took him up to his room.  Once in there I dug into the stuffed animal bin Erica has in the corner.  And there is where I found him.  Mr. Frog.

What??  Wait a minute....who is this???  Brooks, you say?  I thought surely my time was up with the Martin Babies.  Hey buddy.....looks like I am back in business...woo-hoo!!

Hey!  Who are you?  What are you??  I am Mr. Frog.  And on your birth date each month Mimi will sit you beside me and take your picture.  This will chart your growth and let everyone see how big you are getting.  Got it?  She did the same thing with your sisters.  Sisters?  Are those the two things that are all over me and kissing me and touching me and poking me????  Yes....those are the ones.  They love you, man.

Look Mimi!!  He's home!!!

I like him now Mimi!  I want to kiss him....

And I want to rub noses with him.....

I want to hold him and I want to hold his hand, Mimi!!!

I need to wrap him up nice and warm....

I am exhausted, Mr. Frog.  Don't worry little one....I got your back.

So do I, son....So do I