my babies

my babies

Friday, October 17, 2014

Observances of the week

This has been one long drawn out week.  I thought it would never end!!  The weather has finally broken and we are in for a long span of cool sunny days.  Just how I like the fall of the year.  We had a lot of gloomy, foggy and musty days of late.  So sitting back and recapping my week has brought some very humorous things to mind that I have seen and now.....cannot unsee.

Just today at school I looked out into to the parking lot and saw two women on the ....ummmm...rather large side of the size scale and they had on camis.  For tops.  They are not tops.  Not.  And when your bra size is reaching into the double G size....I repeat they are not tops.  Nor bras.

While at Walmart this week (I went twice....commit me, please) I saw and elderly lady who had to be pushing 90 years old.  She had on jeans and a t-shirt that was tucked into her jeans.  That was a fine look because she was very old but looked all cute and hip...until I read her t-shirt.  It was black with neon pink stick figures in two sections.  The first section said, "How to drop your boyfriend"  The girl stick figure was crying, head down and a boy stick figure was standing all proud with hands on his hips.  The second section showed the girl stick figure laying the smack down on the boy stick figure.  Didn't expect a 90 year old to promote wrestling moves on your not so great boyfriend.  But I was at Walmart....go figure.

We had our Harvest Fair this week at church and out in the parking lot we had set up several inflatable rides for kids.  One of those was a giant slide.  Piper and Savannah slid down it several times.  Each one giving me a tiny coronary.  It was just so high!  Erica said I was silly.  If she wasn't pregnant I might have pushed her down the slide!!  Well Piper met up with her friend Harper and up the ladder they went.  But once at the top Harper did not want to slide down.  Well then Piper did not want to slide down.  So in between them came Godzilla (or Savannah) and down she came like a tiny streak of lightning.  Still no Harper or Piper.  So the line is really backing up and so up the ladder  The crowd is shouting "Go Cindy, Go"  I am sure the sight of my big ole backside climbing that blow up ladder was awesome.  And then down this slide came Harper and Piper and me.  I will need therapy for that event.

Each year at this Harvest Fair we have a big Chili Cook-off and Dessert Bake-Off.  I enter both each year.  About 10 years ago I won the Chili Cook-Off.  A year or so later I placed third.  I have won the dessert once too.  But I had been on an eight year dry spell of not even placing.  This year I won them both.  BOTH!  That may take care of the slide therapy.

My grand daughter Savannah spent half the night in the emergency room last night due to her shoving one of those craft stick-on crazy eyes up her nose.  They tried everything to get it out.  Blake even stuck the vacuum cleaner hose to her nose to try to suck it out.  That kid.  I just pray when she gets older and goes to school people don't say her name and then shake their heads and say, "Yeah...that kid"

I watched a giant praying mantis stand on its hind legs and charge at my dog yesterday.  Penny backed right down too. My life is just one laugh riot after the other.

I am looking forward to a very busy weekend with a surprise birthday party for a friends husband tomorrow night and Erica's baby shower Sunday afternoon.  Lots of baking and cooking tomorrow.  I will have some photos from the shower to post early next week.  Right now I am off to church to see a bunch of super strong guys break concrete blocks and lift a bunch of kids on poles and stuff.  They are called Faith Force.  A bunch of power lifters reaching the world for Jesus through their strength.  I am sure they will be something to see!

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