my babies

my babies

Friday, October 3, 2014

It's a miracle

I have had a very bust few weeks and the future looks busier!  On Wednesday of this week I got to go with Erica and Blake and the girls to Greensboro to a 4D Prenatal sonogram clinic.  Blake's grandparents, who live in Wilmington, gave them a gift of a sonogram with a dvd and photos of their baby boy.  As a special surprise Gary and Faye drove all the way from Wilmington to Greensboro to see their great-grandson on the big screen.  That was just so sweet and so special of them!  They are in their seventies and he is still recovering from bypass surgery a few months ago so this meant quite a bit to Blake and Erica.  As we all sat in the sonogram room and watched the baby on a 54 inch screen we all just sat and watched him move around.  Faye leaned over and said, "That is just a miracle we are watching."  She was so right.  Watching my grandson open and close his eyes, stick out his tongue, suck his little thumb was just miraculous.  I could not help but think how in the world anyone could ever abort their baby.  I am not trying to sounds harsh or judgmental or mean but I do believe with all my heart that every single woman who is considering abortion should watch her baby in 4D.  It is so obvious that it is a real live life.  You see the heart beating.  The fingers waving.  The hair floating in the amniotic fluid.  Toes kicking.  Eyes, ears, tiny lips just waiting for kisses.  I know all the pro-choicers scream their agenda ... loudly.  What about women who are raped?  What about victims of other atrocities?  Incest.  Molestation.  The pain in those offenses is overwhelming. is a life.  One that was knit in the womb of that woman by the very hands of God.  Each tiny finger, toe, ear, leg....handcrafted by our heavenly Father.  It is a life that has each day planned by God.  I can't imagine the heartache and the pain a woman feels if she becomes a Christian or is already a believer and she chooses abortion then comes to the place of deep regret and sorrow and anguish over her choice.  My friend Kelley told me she once counseled a girl who became a believer and thought that once she saw her baby in heaven...because they are would hate her.  She told her there is no hate in heaven.  As a woman who has had two hard miscarriages I for one cannot wait to hold my children in heaven.  To touch them, kiss them, hear them...finally. Each July and February i hold a private birthday party for the two babies I never got to hold in my heart.  All these years later and I still grieve those children.  I have no clue if they remain babies in heaven but I like to think so.  I know many women who long to hold their baby....not their grown-up.  Jesus loves children and I hold on to that hope that their are many children in heaven.  Watching the miracle of my sweet grandson on that screen....was almost more than my heart could stand.  I already love him to pieces.  Piper said, "he's so cute!!"  How precious was that.   Just so you too can see...that miracle....that tiny life.  Formed by the very hand of God.  A miracle.

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Tracy said...

I know what you mean, Audrey always said that our little baby was a girl and she would be at the age of getting married right now, When Hannah G got married this year I thought of her because there birthdays were a month a part.