my babies

my babies

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's Hard Being A Woman

For years and years I have went to various drugstores, department stores, discount stores and the like.  All of them are different on style, products and prices.  But in each of these stores there is a common thread that has always really bugged me.  In each one towards the back is an aisle that is named "Feminine Hygiene".  Now if you look closer you will see that there is not an aisle for "Masculine Hygiene".  This is a complete oxymoron for me because I know more men who have hygiene issues than women 10 to 1.  What is worse is that I have seen women, grown women, (I am 100% guilty of this I am ashamed to say) skulk down this aisle and throw whatever they need in their cart and then cover it up with kleenex or paper towels or something.  As long as it's big and bulky and hides the words tampon or pad or feminine anything.  The only other thing that comes to mind that you hide in your cart would be Preparation H or contraceptives.  For real??  I can remember when I was in my twenties I would not even buy any of said stuff from a store if the cashier was a man.  Yes, people, I am that silly and immature.  I still don't like too.  Why are we so backwards??  When I was married I even changed the channels on the TV if a commercial came on selling Kotex or any of the other products we hide in the back of the bathroom cabinet.  While I know this is a necessity of life to have all this junk I also know that men have some hygiene issues of their own.  So I went to the trusty drugstore and found all kinds of stuff that is placed on many different aisles.  From the foot care aisle to the skin care aisle.  I thought men hated shopping around the store??  Anyway, I think women's products should be placed all together on one aisle and just call it something cute like "Lady Land" or "Girl Garb" or Women's World" or whatever tickles your fancy.  Heaven forbid it all just be placed on the soap and toothpaste aisle!!!  I just kind of resent being referred to as having my own aisle for hygiene.  Like I stink or something??  Or I need a bath in the worst way.  I know a few men who could use a the worst way but they don't have their own aisle.  Maybe the rest of you have no time to notice this issue and I am glad for you.  Obviously I have loads of time (not) to notice this particular problem.  Being a woman in this world is hard...even for silly women like me!

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Tracy said...

Love it...I use to hide stuff all the time in my cart and when I went to check out I would pull it up right before she would put in bag so that know one would see. Are we crazy or what...