my babies

my babies

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Perfect Fall Weekend!!

This weekend was spectacular!  The weather is just spot on....not too cool and not too warm.  The leaves are changing to some beautiful yellows and oranges and just a few reds.  This upcoming week looks gorgeous too with some cold weather coming in for the weekend.  Erica and I took the girls to the pumpkin patch on Friday.  It was lots of fun and the girls loved running from section to section.  On Saturday we went trunk or treating at Erica's best friends church and we had a ball.  On Sunday the "kids" carved their pumpkins.  In the photos below you can see which kids I am talking about.  I just love this time of the year.  It is just an explosion of colors and beauty all around.  The sky is just so blue and the clouds are just so white.  I honestly do not understand how any one in the world could deny that God exists.  Why the very trees and skies cry out His glory and beauty.  Amazing!

Here are my two little cuties posing in a corn shack with a big old pumpkin!

Savannah was giving her mommy "the look"!!

Piper thought this scarecrow was leaning over for a hug.....ummmm, no sweetie...he isn't.

Savannah liked to just pet the little scarecrows

Erica looks fabulous during this pregnancy.  She has had a very rough time but she looks great!

My big girl....she is growing way too fast!

Sweet Savannah...she is just too pretty for her own good!

The girls watch as their daddy starts cutting their pumpkin open.

Both Piper and Savannah were big sissies with the pumpkin Uncle Thad showed them that there was nothing to be scared of....  I, for one, would not put pumpkin guts on my head but Thad had no problem with it!

As you can see the little kids abandoned the big kids to cut out the pumpkins.

Jumping in the big leaf pile was way more fun!

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Its always good to have a crazy uncle..