my babies

my babies

Sunday, September 28, 2014

She is just precious

My new sweet great niece is now 10 days old.  Say what???  I cannot believe that already.  Oh my first grandson will be here in less than 9 weeks.  I cannot stand it!  Time is just too fast to keep up with here lately.  Though for my poor Erica I know she is more than ready to have this baby boy,  But on this past Saturday I got the privilege of taking Kyra's newborn photos.  She was such a little sweetie pie too!  I love newborns.  They are just so precious.  Such little miracles.

Kyra was awake for most of the day on Saturday.  She was wide awake for me too.  I told her to get ready...the paparazzi had arrived!

I tried to set up a fall display outside because the weather was just so nice.  She really seems to like it outside too.

The new little family....A baby really does change everything.

This was the same tutu that Piper and Savannah wore.  You can't tell but this little one does not care for tutus....I will have to re-educate her on this choice for sure.

But, but, but...I don't wike it!!!  Wahahahah!!!

I love how they are both shushing her and they didn't even know they were both doing it.  Parenting really does just kick in!

My sweet little angel-baby.  She is already so loved and doesn't even know it.  I pray she will always know how much she is loved.  Not just by us but by God in heaven who knit her together.  He loves her far more than any of us ever could.

What a sweet family.  They already love her so much.

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