my babies

my babies

Friday, September 19, 2014

A Baby Story

Sorry for the absence this niece, Brittany finally had her baby.  On Monday she went to the doctor.  He gave her discouraging news.  Her baby was due on Sunday so she was one day over.  The doctor said if anything she was farther up.  Not descended at all.  So poor Brittany was about to cry.  She was only dilated to a 1.5.  So they scheduled an induction for Wednesday afternoon.  My heart sank.  Because of's all about me!!  But on Wednesday I had my yearly physical with the lady doctor.  This appointment I gladly will postpone. That night though was the first night of our fall Bible study at church.  I lead that so I felt like I should be there. But all day on Monday Brittany had contractions.  No real rhythm but they were there.  On Tuesday morning I got a text from Erica at 7:30 telling me that she thought I would be leaving work soon.  Brittany had asked me to take photos of her baby's birth.  this is my passion so I would never say no.  Plus she is like one of my own daughters so of course I jumped on it.  I absolutely adore childbirth.  It is the biggest miracle there is.  So I waited for a call.  It didn't come.  So the texting begun.  Brittany called her doctor and they wanted to see her.  She went in and they said they felt like her labor had begun.  She was only dilated to a 2 but she went back home to see how things went.  By 1:00 that afternoon she and Aaron were at the hospital.  She wanted us all to wait until she had been admitted to come.  The wait begins.  the phone calls started...."have you heard anything???" was asked by my girls, my mother and my sister about 200 times.  Finally we heard...they sent her home at 6:00 that night.  She was in labor but they were so full that they were taking women who were further along before her.  There were so many births they even took some women to a different floor to be delivered.  So her doctor told her she could go home and come back when the contractions were 1 - 2 minutes apart or if her water broke or when the pain got too bad to stand.  Sidebar here, Brittanys' pain tolerance on a scale of one to ten is...a minus four.  She does not do pain.  Her words.  That poor girl went home at six and suffered until six the next morning.  She said she screamed from one in the morning until they left the house.  Aaron just nodded in agreement.  He said she even punched the passenger door at one point on the way back to the hospital.  I got the cal at 10:30 Wednesday at work that she was at the hospital and they were keeping her.  So off I went.  when we got there she was all smiles.  She had her epidural and said whoever invented that was a genius.  She said natural childbirth was for crazy people.  So we all sat around and I went over our guesses.  We all missed the date so now we were guessing the time of her birth.  I said 3:21, daddy said 4:10 and Brittany said 8:00 that night.  I told her no way.  She was now dilated to a four and was resting well.  Several hours passed and at 5:00 she was a 10!!!  Push time had arrived.  Daddy and me were both wrong on the time too.  So at around 5:15 Brittany started pushing.  And pushing and pushing.  At 6:45 she quit.  And I mean it.  she looked up all teary eyed and said, "I can't do this.  I have to take a break."  The inner me said....sure sugar, now that's funny...  you don't get a break in the middle of hard labor.  But Brittany did.  She put her legs down crossed her arms and she rested for about 45 minutes.  She just laid there breathing deeply.  The nurses said as long as the baby's heart rate stayed good she could rest as long as she could but this was just lengthening her labor time.  So around 7:30 the Dr. Thompson came in.  He is just the sweetest man.  He delivered Piper and Erica just loved him.  He is Brittany's favorite too.  He told her she was going to push that baby out in no time.  And after about thirty minutes....she did.  At 8:00 p.m. just like Brittany said.  After 35 1/2 long hard hours of labor sweet little Kyra Rose Day entered the world.  All 8lbs 5.3oz and 21 inches of her.  With a head full of black hair and the sweetest cry.  And just like that.... Brittany was all smiles.  Pain forgotten.  Just joy.  I was so proud of Erica when she delivered her girls and I was proud of Brittany too.  she had a hard labor.  With back labor and vomiting and just pure exhaustion...she did a great job.  Take a look at a real miracle.

Aaron gives his sweet wife a little kiss.

So the pushing begins.....

At first, she was all smiles.....

But as the time went by...pushing ain't easy

This photo brings tears to my eyes.  She was so tired.  Labor is not for sissies.  Brittany was no sissy either.

This one makes me tear up too.  Aaron just loving on his exhausted wife.

Here she comes....just a couple more pushes....

No more tears of pain....just joy

Pure joy.... what a little love

A new family of three

Meet Kyra Rose ...8lbs 5.3 oz 21 inches.  Big Girl!!

First car ride home.  She did so good they said.  Not one peep!

Why, hello Grand Aunt Cindy!  I understand you are the paparazzi.
  That's right Kyra...get used to it!

My sweet Daddy....he loves his girls!

Grammy loves her girls too.  Kyra is listening to every single word too.

What a little beauty.  All that dark hair!  I hope it stays.

I just thank the Lord for all the babies in my life.  What miracles they are.  Loaned to us to care for by God above.  He treasures them so we need to care for them as precious cargo.  I am already praying for this little one.


Tracy said...

Love the Picture!!!!You do a great job Grand Auntie

ddeckerblog said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations to all of you! What a blessing this sweet baby has by having you praying for her. You are a wonderful aunt to her!