my babies

my babies

Monday, August 11, 2014

Shower time!

On Saturday we gave Brittany her baby shower.  We had tons of food and tons of guests too!  This all made for a very fun shower.  We had it at my mother's home which did make for some crowded times but it was a great day.  Brittany had several friends from high school come and we got some good group pictures.  We also had several members of our family present and got to take a pretty good four generation picture.  A couple of aunts were not here and several cousins but we got a good portion of them.  Brittany is getting so excited about her baby and her nursery is going to be so pretty.

We set up a yogurt bar with vanilla Greek yogurt and fresh fruits, nuts, chocolate chips, coconut and granola for toppings.  We had vanilla mini cupcakes and pink lemonade instead of punch.  Everything was really yummy!

Here are the little mommies to be!  Erica is 26 weeks and Brittany is 36 weeks.  They are both coming right along!

Brittany and one of her childhood best friend Taryn.  she is due three days after Brittany with her second little boy.  They both are just glowing.  I just love mommies!!!

Her high school friends.  Jennifer, Megan, Brittany, Taryn, Melissa and Amanda.  I still talk with my best friend in high school to this day.  Friendships are bonds for life!

Piper and Savannah were Brittany's big helpers for the day.  They had so much fun!!

She really had a very nice shower and got so many wonderful gifts.

Part of my family.  I told you we were big on girls!  Erica is having one of the few boys ever born in my extended family and the first one in my immediate family in 74 years!

The sweet parents to be.....they are both just so excited to meet little Kyra.  Me too!!

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Traci said...

I love baby showers...always a fun time. All the pregnant ladies look beautiful. I was Taran's assistant at Pickett. Small world!