my babies

my babies

Monday, August 4, 2014

Oh, To Be Four

Today my first Grand Daughter turned four.  I can hardly believe she is four years old!!1  Right now she is giggling under a blanket on the couch with her little sister.  They are so funny!  Bless their poor mommies heart.  she is having a minor surgery in the morning...can we say 5:45 in the a.m.  Very early.  I am taking the girls to VBS this week and their mommy will go home and take a long, well needed nap.  Back to being four.  So I do not forget here are a few things that Piper the Fantastic Four Year Old does:

You are very polite.  You thank your sister and family all the time.  Use Please, Excuse Me and your Ma'ams and Sirs respectfully.  You are a little shy with others but you are never rude.

You love your sister  with complete abandon.  You are so sweet and hug each other after naps and first thing each morning.  When you are apart you just kiss and hug and it just brings tears to my eyes.  I pray the two of you will always be as thick as thieves.  Just don't be thieves, please!

Your vocabulary is huge.  Seriously, you say the most amazing things.  Your aunt Megan constantly asks me if she and Erica were that smart.

You enjoy reading, coloring, playing on playgrounds, swimming, cooking and are a very good helper.  You are super organized and know exactly where everything goes.....this can be a little on the OCD side but I tend to stray to piling things and hoarding so we both have issues!

Your swimming skills have majorly improved this year.  You can basically swim without assistance and never want to use your floaties anymore.  By next summer you will have your head above water when you stand on the bottom.  You have even learned to sit on the bottom of the shallow end like an Indian.  So cool!

You love corn dogs, chicken and dumplings, pasta anything and most fruits. You are really not picky with foods and I am so glad about that.  Your favorite thing to drink is ice water.  I hope that sticks with you for good.

We had a "Frozen" Birthday Party this past Saturday and you had a great time.  We set up the water slide and everyone could swim in the big pool or the baby pool.  We had hot dogs, cake and ice cream.

You were very excited over your birthday cake.  You even blowed out all four candles with just a couple of breaths!

Your dear friend Emma came!  Even though she has a broken leg and had to ride around in a wagon!  You two really are crazy about each other!

This little monkey loves her some cake!!!

Erica gives a thumbs up to Lisa Frank never get too old for stickers!

Swimming with Daddy like a big girl!

You can swim a really long ways under water.  You are just like a fish!

Some of the birthday crowd at the water slide.  I think everyone had a really good time!

I am so thankful for my little Piper.  God has just blessed my family with such a precious, sweet little girl.  I just pray you come to know Jesus early and serve Him throughout your days.  I love you, Piper.

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