my babies

my babies

Friday, August 1, 2014

Maternity Shots

This week has been a roller coaster ride with a couple of rails missing.  Poor Erica has been in the hospital for a few days with a fever and kidney infection.  they treated her with IV antibiotics and she came home yesterday with a prescription and surgery to replace her stint next week.  Thank God this did not hit her last week when we were on vacation.  But on Tuesday night I got the opportunity to take some maternity shots of my niece, Brittany.  she is such a pretty pregnant girl!  She is getting so excited about her baby coming and she really does just glow.  I think pregnant women are just gorgeous anyway.  It is the only time when you can really keep that baby from the outside world.  Protected and cuddled up with just your arms around him or her. So sweet!

Brittany thinks she is huge but she really isn't.  I think she looks beautiful.

Aaron and Brittany can't wait for baby Kyra to arrive.

In just a few short weeks Brittany will be able to hold her tiny baby in her arms for real.  What a joy!

Such a sweet and funny couple these two are.  He is super smart and serious and she is a bundle of fun.

Such a beauty.  How precious it is to carry a new life and then to be able to nurture and care that little life.

God is just that good to us.  He loans us these precious babies to care for and to love and to teach them about His love.  What a responsibility and honor.  Mommies are just the best!

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