my babies

my babies

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vacation 2014!!!

For the first time in a few years I went on an actual vacation.  For the past couple of summers I have either had a wedding to plan and prepare for or a baby to plan and prepare for or a newborn that has a mommy that needs me.  So this year I had no weddings, no newborns to help with and a baby on the way for later this fall.  Beach ... here we come!!!  Sure, we only went down to Myrtle Beach, SC but it is only a few hours away and my daughters and I love the beach.  I mean we really love it.  We hit the sand early in the morning and come in late.  For fun we people watch.  Oh and did we see some funny people.  I have lots of pictures but first the highlights.

 If you get your body all marked up with tattoos please so not be offended when people try to read your novels you have inscribed on you entire waistline.  And stop giving other the evil-eye when they are trying to figure out what in the world you have drawn all over you.  Seriously, what in the world is a devil head eating a tiger supposed to mean????  Super-creepy....I'm just sayin'.

The weather was gorgeous.  Really nice.  Days not super hot and the winds did not carry sand everywhere to cut your skin all to pieces.  I just know that there are beautiful beaches in heaven.  Just standing there and watching the waves is so peaceful and so awesome that the God I love created such a wonderment.  And as a huge bonus I saw my first rainbow over the ocean!!!

Parents...listen UP!!!!  Put your phone down.  Down.  DOWN!!!  I saw the most parents scrolling through their phones while their sweet children were playing all by themselves or saying over and over and over, "Mommy, Daddy...Watch"  To parents staring at a rectangle that holds their minds, heart and soul.  Please...put the phones down.  Facebook, pinterest, instagram can all wait.  Your children on the other hand cannot.  Also, I could have kidnapped 95 toddlers this week because mommy and daddy were not watching them!

Take your kids to the local Aquariums.  they love it!  Piper and Savannah had an awesome time at the one at the beach and they had real live mermaids!!!  I knew they were real all along!

Note to all the men out there who think workouts on the beach are attractive....they're not.  They're gross!  So are speedos on old men.  Young men too.  They should be outlawed because, well....ummm...eeewwww!

On Thursday of the week I looked up and saw Erica's sweet husband walking towards his little girls.  They were so excited to see him and so was his sweet wife.  Blake said, "Peace and quiet are overrated".  That warms this mama's old heart right up.  We had a really good and relaxing time and it makes me look forward to some really fun and special family vacations in the future.  Here are some photo highlights.

Ice cream is the best treat!

Savannah ate hers all gone!

Future women drivers!  Look out!

Savannah is not sure of Piper's experience behind the wheel....

My two sweet girls!!!

Me and my little Savannah.  I just love her!

A trip to the sweet shop for gummi sharks....of course.

Savannah ate hers all up!

These two have a sweet tooth too!  Caught ya!!

The girls swim skills improved 1000% this week.  At night we did some pool time to work on them.

Savannah looks like a super hero!

Piper jumped about a zillion times.

What a beautiful rainbow over the ocean.

Pelicans in flight....going somewhere over the rainbow!

Savannah picked 2 million teeny tiny shells this week.  2 million!

So sweet stomping through the water.  I love baby backs.

Piper in her hippy flowerchild swimsuit!  She saw a big boat!

Piper jumped about 3 zillion times in the ocean.  I am so glad they love the water.

Why not put my teeny tiny shells in a shovel Mimi and carry them around....all day.

We ate Japanese one night and Savannah ate the whole time.  One rice at a time.

Chatty Cathy here never stopped talking hence the to go box!

See!!!  Mermaids are real.

Piper wanted to swim with the mermaids but settled for a quick pic instead.  Savannah was a little scared of her in person.

I just thank the Lord for the chance to spend so much time with my daughters and my grandchildren.  I cannot imagine my life without these precious people!

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