my babies

my babies

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Out and about and why I just need to stay home

I went to do errands today.  In words of people from the country.  I went to town.  My first stop was Home Goods.  I love, love, love this store.  So many dishes!!!!!!  Anyway I was just looking for some end of the season summer stuff that is already going on sale.  But I found a sweet little piggy bank for my new grandson coming and some great sand toys for my little grandgirls for when we go to the beach.  I went to the checkout and the cashier was a sweet little old lady of about 65 or so.  She smiled and asked me if I would like the Tuesday senior Discount?  What????????  I stuttered and stammered and cried a little but then i asked , "Well, how old do I have to be to get this discount?"  55 she says.  Fifty-Five.  The speed limit.  Well I cried a little harder and said no, that I don't quite qualify yet.  She just smiled.  To say I was crushed was an understatement.  So I hobbled to my car and went two stores up to Ross.  There I bought myself a new bathing skirt involved...and a sweet maxi dress.  None of this had any polyester or long jacket involved.  The cashier there though I was young and hip.  Well, maybe not young but definitely hip or hippish??  Then I went to Costco.  I bought some odds and ends and I went to put my stuff in the car when there I saw my number one pet peeve in the free world.  A woman who qualified for the discount shoving a shopping cart into an area about 25 yards from the corral where the carts go.  I despise this so much because it takes zero effort to trek these carts to the cart corral or back to the storefront.  I felt compelled to inform her, "Ma'am that is not where carts go."  Then I gave her a really mean glare.  She just smiled and kept walking.  this is how cars get dinged in parking lots not to mention just screams of the laziness of our society.  If you do not want to walk to put the cart away properly then for Pete's sake park next to a cart corral!!!!!  A young girl rescued the sad cart and took it into to the store before I had a complete breakdown right there in the parking lot.  So I drove on to the third realm of you know where......Walmart.  I can honestly say that I had no issues there at all.  I got my few items and left.  then I went to a cute store called Five Below.  there i got some neat "Frozen" paper plates for Piper's birthday party and the girls some nice coloring books and two super sweet boogie boards for the beach.  All for....5.00 or below...get it??  Then I went to Walgreens to get my estrogen/progesterone refills that I have gotten 874 calls about in the last week.  Needless to say only one was ready and for the fourth time I had to wait for the other one to be filled.  I flat out refused to come back or move from the drive through.  the pharmacist came to the window and apologized and I was really nice but very firm about how this has happened several times.  Needless to say I will be moving my prescriptions to another pharmacy.  This is in mine and Walgreens best interest.  I have a very much needed vacation coming up in the next few weeks and I cannot wait.  It is obvious that I need to stay home and not go out into public places because I am old, crotchety and out of estrogen.  Sitting on the beach will change my perspective.......I hope!

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Tracy said...

Well at least they didn't ask when the baby is due like they have me before. That can really crush you...