my babies

my babies

Friday, July 4, 2014

Little Firecrackers!

This is such a gorgeous 4th of July.  Breezy, blue skies and lots of sun!  The overnight temperatures are supposed to be in the lower sixties though...brrrr!!  My little sweeties spent the night with me last night and i dressed them patriotic and took their pictures this morning before they went home.

Sweet Piper giving a reluctant Savannah a little hug!

Savannah loves to slide.  And slide.  And slide.  And slide.......

Piper is going through a "posing" stage.  I hope she grows out of this one fast!

Super fast sliders going back to back.

My sweet girls.  I love my little "firecrackers"

Even when they slide backwards!

I just hope and pray that they will realize what a wonderful country this still is and can be in the future.  Even with all of our downfalls, and there are plenty, we are still a strong nation with many Godly people.  If only we will hit our knees and humble ourselves and call on the one true God....Jehovah God....He reigns

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