my babies

my babies

Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Happenings

Over the weekend I was very busy with about a zillion different things.  Poor Erica was sick again on Friday and had a very stressful day with her doctors' appointment and some new medicine that they gave her so after I school I zipped to the grocery store and picked up the babies for a sleepover.  I checked on my mother because on Wednesday of last week I took her for one of her two cataract surgeries.  She had stayed with Erica's girls while she went to the doctor and I wanted to make sure she had not overdone it by lifting Savannah too much.  She weighs a lot more than 10 pounds!!  The girls and I swam and ate a picnic supper in the front yard and swam some more and all of us were in the bed by.....get this......8:41.  Yep.  Even me.  I have had a stressful week too.  And I am old.  On Saturday Erica was 1000 times better.  My favorite cousin, Candy, had a graduation party for her youngest son Austin that night.  We all went and had such a good time.  Candy is one of the sweetest people in the world and it is so hard to believe her baby boy is going away to college this fall.    On Sunday we had church and I have to say I am loving my new Sunday School class.  I do miss teaching something fierce but I still teach on Wednesday night and I am just soaking up the teachings of the men who lead this class.  Good stuff.  Sunday afternoon we had a rainstorm and just kind of laid around.  This is the last week of school and can I get not only a moment of silence but a loud and raucous "Praise da Lawd"!!!  I am very tired of school and so are about 542 children I know.

Here are the Mommies to be!!  Brittany is 26 weeks and Erica is 16 weeks.

My cousin's family.  Austin, Candy, Alex and Tanner.  Austin is Appalachian Bound and Tanner attends NC State.

Our newest baby.  Sweet baby Georgia Grace.  Another cousin's grand daughter.  Such a beauty.

Sweet Piper.  She is getting so grown up.

Sweet Savannah.  How can she be two already????

And just to show you that most of my attempts at getting good shots of family portraits are a gigantic failure!

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