my babies

my babies

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Today is Father's Day, June 15, 2014.  We had our usual family cook-out at my Mama's house.  My daddy grilled some awesome ribs which we all just love.  My daughter Erica and her family went to visit Blake's family in Wilmington for the week and ribs are Blake's favorite.....sorry Blake.  But he hasn't spent Father's day with his dad in a lot of years so I am glad they went and hope they have a great week down there!  I sure did miss those little girls though!!!  We had a great time of swimming and laughing and talking and just being with each other.  I love my family and am so grateful for them.  My sister and I had a good time just cutting up.  Her daughter, Brittany, is expecting her first baby and we are all so excited for them we can't stand it.  It was a very hot day....just like I love!!!  And Tracy...note to you...I can suffer through the hottest of hot flashes while I float in the pool and do just fine and dandy!!!  Megan and I said today that we wish it was like today all the time.  We are some hot weather lovin' chicks!!!  We did have a nice evening though and our family loves to eat outside so it was a lot of fun.  Next year Brittany and Aaron will have their first Mother's day and Father's day.  And we will have two new babies to pass around and spoil.  I love my daddy and I hope to have him around for about a hundred more Father's Days.  He is really one in a zillion and I am beyond blessed to have him for my daddy.

Megan and Thad....still sweet little newlyweds!

Brittany is such a pretty mommy-to-be!  I know her little girl will be a sweetie too!

Mariah, Becky, Brittany, Me, Megan and my daddy.  My sister's boyfriend took this but did not catch my daddy looking too happy!!

Here was last week at another family cook-out....he really is a happy guy!!!


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