my babies

my babies

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Being A Servant

Often in today's world people just want others to do for them.  Never helping anyone out or lending a hand.  Volunteerism often serves a selfish purpose.  "I will help you as long as you tell others how wonderful I am for helping you...."  Get it?  I would like to tell you about a different kind of group.  Our college kids at church are just awesome.  they help out with our Senior Saints each month with their monthly dinner at church.  Many of them help in various other ministries too.  but a couple of months ago I asked their teacher if he thought their class would put together a swing set for me.  Danny did not hesitate....he said "No problem, Miss Cindy."  Honestly I cannot say enough about the willing spirit and servant attitude of Danny.  He would literally do anything he could for about anybody.  So last week on two separate nights he and some of the guys came over to put together a "little" swing set for my grandbabies.

Cale, Jacob and Tyler.  real men DO read directions!!!

Trust me.  These guys made zero mistakes.  Such hard workers.

Danny did a lot of work too but he really supervised these guys well.  Such good life lessons for them.

Yes, you do see one girl back there!!  Sweet Hollie lent a hand too.

Yay!  Finished project!

Slide ready for sliders.....

Rock wall ready for climbers....

This little monkey was swinging away!

She zipped right to the top too!

Wait for me Piper....I'm coming up!  She did too.  Climbed right to the top.

Piper right away went into Pirate Mode and started spying!  Savannah loves to slide!

About her 1,000th slide I think.

Piper loves sliding too.   Thanks Mr. Danny!!!

Thanks again to Cale, Wesley, Jacob, Tyler, Hollie and especially Danny.  You guys are the best.  It means so much to me and to your church family and to your peers that being a servant takes some sweat sometimes.  The Lord will bless each of you in a big way for serving these little ones.  Bless each of your hearts!

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