my babies

my babies

Monday, June 30, 2014

Angels Are all Around

Tonight I cooked a great bog ole supper.  My kids and parents were all here so it was a bunch of us.  All except Megan who is at the beach with her husbands' family.  Thad is here because he got a new job with a different power company and he could not leave for a vacation.  So he came over to eat too.  We did miss Megan and Savannah asked about her all day.  We had a big day of just swimming and being together.  My mom and dad walked over for supper too.  They walked back home and I took a big pot of hot oil to dump in the woods.  I had deep fried some okra and didn't want to save the oil so I usually just dump it next to the woods in my side yard.  I got about two feet from the edge of the woods and started to pour out the oil when I looked and saw a hu-mon-gus!!! snake.  Not just any old snake but a copperhead.  A biggun'!!  Well when that hot oil hit his tail he curled up and raised his demon head and just flicked his icky tongue right at me.  Don't get me wrong.  I am afraid of snakes.  I would not pick one up for anything but I don't actually run from them.  Except for the one that poked his ugly head down from my rafters over Christmas.  I ran like the dickens then.  I know that snakes are deaf but do react quickly to movement.  So I stood my ground because I was out of striking distance and if I moved he would move.  So I hollered my head off for Thad, Blake or Erica.  Guess who came???  My dog, Penny.  Well Thad came outside to put something in the car and I hollered at him to get Blake and a gun.  Erica called my daddy and told him to bring a gun.  We are big gun people.  So Blake brings a shotgun.  Daddy brings a rifle.  Daddy squats down and takes a shot.  My daddy may be 73 and only has one arm and wears bifocals but he is an awesome shot.  Took his head half off and blew his middle out too.  So my daddy then steps into the woods and says,"Golly, what a snake!"  He picks him up with his hook and lays him out.  I knew the next words out of his mouth as I turned back to my house.  "Go get me a measuring tape."  I was on the way to get one and my camera too.  This one measured a whopping 37 inches long.  Daddy says he was the biggest one he has ever seen around here.  I just praise God that I wasn't bit.  that my grand babies were not bit nor with me.  And I do Praise The Lord that I saw this monster and that I had people here to kill it.  I told Piper and Savannah over and over to never pick up a snake nor get close to one.  Thank the Lord for cool heads too.  Angels were protecting my steps tonight for sure.

His ugly head is under the gun barrel.  Believe it or not he was still wriggling.  eeewwweee!!!

Here my daddy is measuring him.

We flung him in the woods after we were done acting like National Geographic workers gone wild.  I keep calling this thing a "he" because if it is a she and she has babies they are probably close by.  I don't want to think about a bunch of baby snakes coming to my house for some revenge on the snake killer saga!!!

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